What Assets and Equipment Can Millbrook Help Me Fund?

Unpacking what Millbrook can help you fund with asset and equipment finance.

Prepare to embark on a journey where no asset is beyond reach. Our asset and equipment financing is comprehensive. Our solutions can be used to fund a wide spectrum of assets to support any business in any industry, from heavy machinery and vehicles to communications systems and furniture for fit-out projects.

You can fund "soft assets" like catering equipment, IT hardware and software and refurbishment works or"hard assets" such as construction tools, vehicles, and CNC machines.

Every asset can be a stepping stone toward reaching your goals. The possibilities are boundless, and Millbrook is here to help you empower your workforce and get the assets you need to realise your business ambitions.

Head to our asset and equipment finance page to learn more about hard and soft assets and the types of agreements you can apply for with Millbrook.