How Does Asset Refinancing Work?

Exploring the key components of asset refinancing.

Asset Refinance is a popular product aimed at helping businesses release cash equity from existing business assets.

At Millbrook, we can provide refinancing solutions in the form of hire purchase or lease finance agreements. They are easy to arrange and involve a lender purchasing your assets and financing them back to your business. These asset refinance loan solutions are popular amongst small businesses that may have already financed all available assets.

Facilities are typically secured against hard assets, such as vehicles, plants, CNC machinery, and forklifts.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the introduction of additional capital for a variety of reasons, including supporting expansion, securing new contracts or debt consolidation.

Asset refinance can also be used to release the shackles of a high-rate and uncompetitive finance deal. We can refinance the existing agreement with your current lender and arrange bespoke terms to fit your exact circumstances.

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