What Types of Asset and Equipment Financing Are Available?

Overview of asset and equipment finance options for businesses.

Asset and equipment financing is a dynamic lending solution designed to fuel business growth and help companies acquire equipment, machinery, vehicles, or even spruce up their premises.

Now, let's dive into the exciting range of options for asset-based financing, including hire purchase, lease finance and refinance solutions.

  • With a hire purchase, the cost of an asset is seamlessly spread over an agreed period, culminating in the ownership option at the term's end.
  • Choosing a lease finance agreement enables you to enjoy the assets' benefits without shouldering ownership responsibilities.
  • Finally, refinancing is an option that can breathe new life into your existing assets, unlocking fresh capital by leveraging their value.

With Millbrook, these asset financing solutions can be tailored to your needs, no matter the assets you require or the industry you work in.

Learn more about the types of assets and equipment you can fund or explore our asset and equipment finance page for the full picture.