Get Funding for Your Business with Millbrook to Maintain a Steady Cash Flow

Get Funding for Your Business with Millbrook to Maintain a Steady Cash Flow


A healthy and sustainable cash flow is essential to the smooth sailing of any business. You need dependable cash flow to not only meet current operational needs but to also drive future growth and realise your full business potential. However, to ensure cash flow predictability, you may need to get funding for your business.

Millbrook Business Finance and our range of business funding options may be a viable option if you’re looking to secure your cash flow’s stability. As a finance partner who truly cares about your business success, we’re on a mission to provide hassle-free financing that empowers you to turn your business dreams into reality.


The Importance of cash flow

Maintaining a steady cash flow is paramount for sustaining and expanding your business operations. Adequate cash flow helps ensure you can pay bills and employee salaries on time and invest in growth-enabling initiatives. Insufficient cash flow, on the other hand, can impede your growth objectives by limiting your ability to seize opportunities such as launching new products, expanding into new markets, or investing in research and development.

Inadequate cash flow is a risk because it can trigger a downward spiral for your business, as delayed payments to suppliers can compromise your professional relationships, your business reputation, and your access to crucial resources. Moreover, missed opportunities as a result of cash shortages can result in competitors gaining an edge and your business losing market share.

In severe cases, persistent cash flow challenges can contribute to business failure. The inability to meet financial obligations can negatively impact your creditworthiness, making it difficult to secure loans or get funding for your business. This lack of funding stifles growth, weakens competitiveness, and inhibits your ability to adapt to changing market conditions. 


Benefits of using Millbrook to get funding for your business 

At Millbrook, we provide fast, flexible and affordable business finance to help business owners keep their cash flow steady. We understand the challenges that come with stagnating cash flow, which is why we offer tailored funding solutions that fuel future growth.

Here are some of the advantages of using Millbrook to get funding for your business:

  • Our finance experts work with you to understand your unique needs and goals.

  • We have access to one of the widest lender pools in the UK, making funding that much more accessible for your business.

  • Our interest rates are competitive, and we have absolutely no hidden costs.

  • Our repayment terms are flexible, so you can find your ideal term length.

  • Our application process is quick, straightforward and simple.

  • We take care of sourcing the right finance product for you, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

With our business financing solutions, your business can circumvent any funding issues associated with cash flow interruptions, and gain the upper hand over competitors when it comes to business expansion.


Types of funding available with Millbrook and how we’ve helped businesses succeed

We understand that no two business success stories are the same, which is why we offer bespoke business funding options for any asset, equipment or working capital need, across any business sector in the UK. The funding options available from Millbrook include:

Through a human-led, hands-on approach, we draw on our expansive finance and sector knowledge and expertise to bring you the right funding solution for your unique business needs. Our experts assess your funding requirements and then get to work finding the best solution available from our vast pool of over 100 lenders, ensuring you get the right financing product, quickly. 

For example, we were approached by a husband-and-wife landlord team from Norwich who needed a business loan to fund a new roof terrace for their restaurant and pub. Despite their turnover seeing a dip as a result of lockdown restrictions during the pandemic, and their likely loan approval rate reducing as a result, our experts were able to secure them a loan within 48 hours

Similarly, after experiencing a few difficult years as a result of COVID-19, the owner of a recovering luxury car hire business had big plans to upgrade his fleet to attract new customers, but struggled to get funding elsewhere. Realising he needed specialist help, he reached out to Millbrook, and our experts were able to not only secure him a recovery loan within a few days but also help him fund the purchase of a new high-value vehicle. Thanks to the wealth and depth of our market knowledge, the business has successfully purchased seven additional vehicles to date. 


Frequently asked questions in relation to our funding

Here are some of the common questions business owners ask us when assessing the funding options available to them with Millbrook.

What is the maximum and minimum amount Millbrook finances?

Our commitment to your growth is reflected in the diverse range of funding we offer, spanning from a minimum of £25,000 and extending all the way up to an impressive £25 million.

This broad spectrum ensures that whether you're a small startup seeking a modest boost or an established enterprise with grand ambitions, we have the capacity to provide the financial support that fits your vision. 

What are the interest rates associated with Millbrook’s solutions?

Our lender’s interest rates vary from lender to lender, but they are always highly competitive and we work to find the best rate available for your business.

Does Millbrook charge any service fees?

Absolutely not – your trust is our top priority! We're proud to say that, at Millbrook, we don't burden our customers with any fees for using our service. It's a fundamental principle we stand by, reflecting our commitment to transparency and your financial well-being.

What information does Millbrook need during the application process?

This will depend on the type of finance product you’re interested in, the complexity of your requirements, how long your business has been trading for, etc. 

However, for new businesses, we generally require a business plan/cash flow projections as well as proof of investment, and for an established business, we will likely want to see at least the most recent financial statements, as well as management accounts and director details. For more information on how to effectively prepare your application documents, download our handy Business Finance Checklist for further guidance. 

Why should I use Millbrook to get funding for my business?

We are business finance specialists and one of the UK’s leading providers. We have access to the largest range of lenders and products in the UK, offering some of the most competitive interest rates.

As a Millbrook customer, we promise to never charge an arrangement fee and will always provide you with a dedicated account manager to support your needs.


Summary: How Millbrook can help you unlock success

To drive business growth, ensure operational stability, seize opportunities and prevent potential downfalls due to insufficient funds, your business needs to maintain a steady cash flow. A worthwhile consideration for achieving cash flow stability is to get funding for your business. With Millbrook and our range of funding options, you can steady the ship quickly and with minimal stress or effort on your part. 

Apply for business funding from Millbrook and let our experts help you write the next chapter of your business’ success story. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team to discuss your funding options further.


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