Beat the Interest Rate: 5 Smart Business Finance Solutions

Beat the Interest Rate: 5 Smart Business Finance Solutions

Are you worried about the impact of high interest rates on your business? You're not alone.  At a time when inflation has hit a 40-year high, 65% of SME business owners are feeling the squeeze, saying they’ve found it harder to run their business in the face of the cost of living.

The Federation of Small Businesses has said that business confidence is rising, but sluggish demand, high energy and rent costs, and rising third-party overheads are slowing growth.

Despite these challenges, there is good news for businesses wanting to beat the interest rates and Millbrook is here to help. Your business can take advantage of our smart finance solutions, to stay ahead of the curve  - and your competition! 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 key strategies to help you navigate the interest rate landscape and keep your business thriving. Don't let rising rates hold your business back - read on and discover how to turn the tide in your favour!

1. Lock in a lower rate

The Bank of England has not ruled out further increases to the interest rate, so borrowing now at a fixed rate can be a smart move. 

By acting now and securing a fixed-rate business loan you'll protect your business from future hikes and enjoy predictable repayments. Don't risk paying more later, lock in a manageable rate now!

2. Consolidate debt

Juggling multiple high-interest debts with multiple lenders? Combine them into a single affordable loan with a lower rate. This will free up valuable resources to invest back into your business and empower you to take control of your finances. Consolidation simplifies your debts and saves you money with one handy solution.

3. Maintain cash flow

Unexpected expenses? Low-season losses? A business loan can be a lifeline to keep your cash flow steady and your business afloat. Don't let temporary setbacks derail your success, explore financing options tailored to your needs with Millbrook Business Finance. We can remove the stress from temporary or urgent cash flow challenges. Learn more about how we arranged a cash flow-boosting loan in just 24 hours!

4. Release equity from assets

Unlock the hidden value in your hard assets! Refinancing hard assets like your machinery, equipment or vehicles can release built-up equity as cash, without impacting your cash flow. It's a smart way to access funds without taking on additional debt – read about how we raised £2.4M for a national haulage firm through our refinance solution.

5. Seize investment opportunities

Got an eye on a lucrative investment? Borrowing funds to invest in opportunities or assets and equipment with returns higher than your loan's interest rate is a winning strategy. Invest now, pay back the loan with the returns, and watch your business grow! Read how we helped a supercar body repair business get revved up for success.

Despite the economic challenges, interest rates don’t have to dictate your business's growth and success. Millbrook Business Finance is highly skilled and experienced at helping SME business owners like you access the financial solutions needed to thrive. 

We know how busy business owners are, and that's why it's often a relief for our clients to know there's a business finance specialist in their corner. We search the market for you, do all the chasing and ensure your application is meticulously prepared, meaning there are fewer plates for you to spin. That's our fast, flexible, and hassle-free business finance guarantee.

Ready to explore your options? Check your eligibility now and Millbrook Business Finance will find your tailored financial solution to power your business to new heights.


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