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Millbrook Asset Finance

  • UK’s Lowest Rates

  • Repayment terms up to 7 years

  • Little or no deposit required

  • Finance from £5,000 - £10M

  • Fixed monthly repayments

  • Finance for any sector

Business Asset Finance Industry Specialist

Business asset finance allows you to access valuable equipment, machinery, and vehicles that stimulate your business’s growth. Without interrupting your cash flow, you can invest in important assets that improve how your operations perform.

The two main types of fast asset finance solutions or ‘finance lease’ are hire purchase finance and hire purchase loan. Refinancing is also another form of business asset finance. Depending on your requirements, the best option varies, however, both solutions ensure you have a simple and secure way of investing working capital into important aspects of your business.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Upfront Costs
  • Access Funds Quickly
  • Fixed Monthly Repayments
  • Sustain Working Capital
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Little to No Deposit Required
  • No Arrangement Fees

Business Asset Finance

Types of Business Asset Finance We Offer

Hire Purchase Finance:

Hire Purchase loan agreements make business purchases simple. Whether you’re purchasing vehicles, machinery, equipment, or investing in a fit-out for your premises, spread the cost over a repayment period alongside interest – typically 1 to 7 years. VAT is normally paid upfront, however, you have the flexibility to defer the VAT for up to 3 months. With Hire Purchase Finance agreements, your business owns the assets you’ve purchased and it will appear on the business balance sheet.

The Benefits

  • Spread the Cost of Repayments – Preserve cash flow by spreading the cost of the asset over its entire lifespan.
  • Maintain Control – Own the asset you’re financing to claim capital allowances and tax benefits.
  • Offset Interest – Secure a tax-efficient finance agreement that allows you to offset interest and charges against pre-tax profits.
  • Reclaim VAT – Choose whether you want to pay for the VAT upfront or spread the cost over the agreement.

Finance Lease:

Leasing allows your company to spread the cost of a purchase over 1 to 7 years in a similar way to Hire Purchasing, and VAT is paid alongside the monthly repayments. Where the two differ is that with leasing agreements, the asset being financed remains the property of the finance company. At the end of a primary lease period, you can continue leasing – often with cheaper repayments – purchase the assets, typically for a smaller fee – or return the asset to the lender. While the lessor owns the asset, your business has exclusive use of the asset for the leasing period. Leasing repayments are also tax-deductible and can be offset against business profits.

The Benefits 

  • Flexibility – Keep, sell, or return the asset once the agreement is completed
  • Efficient – Access equipment when you need it quickly, without compromising cash flow
  • Grow Your Business – Inject cash into your business to stimulate growth without taking away investment from other crucial aspects of your company

Helping you with the right type of finance

Working together with you

Operating Lease:

Like leasing agreements, operating leases involve your business renting assets from a finance company, however, they’re only for part of the asset’s lifespan. The rental costs are typically less than a leasing agreement. The repayments are calculated based on the difference between the asset’s original cost and the residual value after the agreement ends.

The Benefits

  • Low Initial Outlay – Secure your assets fast without a large initial outlay
  • Exclusive Access – Use the asset whenever you want without having to purchase it Complete Freedom – Only pay for part of the asset’s lifespan

How to Apply for Asset Finance

Step 1
Enquiry – Submit an enquiry via our online form or speak to an account manager by calling 0333 015 3301.

Step 2
Application – An application for finance will be submitted to an underwriter with a decision granted typically within 48 hours.

Step 3
Approval – Finance Approved. A copy of your finance agreement is sent to you for completion.

Step 4
Payout – Upon receipt of your signed agreement we process, activate and release funds.

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Funding British Businesses

Funding British Businesses

At Millbrook Business Finance, our dedicated asset finance industry brokers are committed to helping fund British businesses to support their growth and expansion. The foundation of British business is small, medium, and large companies that drive the nation’s economy. Through our team’s in-depth insight and years of experience working with ambitious businesses, we secure commercial asset financing that delivers tangible benefits to our clients no matter the industry.

We support British businesses through our industry-leading rates, the simple application process, and by never charging arrangement fees. Our asset finance brokers use their decades of experience to deliver finance agreements for any sector. Whatever your requirements, we work with your business to secure finance that helps you achieve your goals and stimulate growth.

Invest in your business to grow and succeed, secure finance that benefits you today. Whether you want to secure an industry-leading hire purchase finance, loan/leasing, or refinancing agreement, Millbrook’s team can deliver the best deal for your requirements. Call us at 0333 015 3301 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.

Millbrook Sector Experience

The team at Millbrook Business Finance have decades of experience arranging and comparing Asset Finance. We are so confident in our team, their ability and can-do attitude that we confidently say…. “we can finance any asset for any sector, no matter how obscure”. Please see below a list of sectors that we can cater for. If you operate a business outside of these sectors we would love to hear from you, perhaps we can help finance your next purchase and add to our sector experience?

Why Millbrook Asset Finance?

Asset Finance Specialists

We have decades of Asset Finance experience and can compare and finance any asset for any sector.

Industry Leading Rates

Our Asset Finance rates are some of the lowest in the UK, starting at 2.2%.

No arrangement fees

We DO NOT under any circumstances charge arrangement fees.


Our application process is straightforward.