Brewing Success for a Microbrewery with Tailored Marketing Finance

Brewing Success for a Microbrewery with Tailored Marketing Finance

When an award-winning microbrewery was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime sponsorship opportunity, it was a race against the clock to secure the marketing finance needed to seize the moment. 

With help from Millbrook Business Finance, the brewery business was able to take the deal, and see long-term, growth-accelerating benefits as a result.

Client background: Crafting excellence

Pedro and Gordon are best friends who embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in the brewing sector in 2015, creating their award-winning microbrewery nestled in the heart of the Midlands. They are committed to creating beautifully crafted beers that stand out in a competitive market and wanted to take their business to the next level when they were approached with an unmissable business opportunity.

The challenge: Seizing a sponsorship opportunity

The brewery faced a pivotal moment when a unique stadium sponsorship opportunity emerged, promising to catapult the craft beer business onto the next stage of growth. To seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance, the brewery needed to secure marketing finance of £130k in capital – and promptly – to become the exclusive partner with the events arena.

The solution: Swift marketing finance for marketing triumph

In a race against time, Millbrook stepped in to secure a tailored business loan of £130k, ensuring Pedro and Gordon met the tight deadline to sign the lucrative sponsorship contract. This strategic marketing financing provided the capital needed to secure the contract and cover a fully branded fitout of their exclusive spaces in the events arena for an exceptional patron experience. As a result, Pedro and Gordon were able to make their mark on the regional stage and position their brewery as a prominent player in the industry.

Benefits of business loans for marketing finance

  • Expedited Funding: The swift approval of the business loan allowed the brewery to meet the urgent sponsorship deadline.
  • Interest Rate: Millbrook secured the best available interest rate to the client, surpassing what was previously available through other brokers.
  • Financial Flexibility: The injection of capital offered financial flexibility, enabling the brewery to make the most of the slick branding and sponsorship opportunity.
  • Strategic Marketing: The financing facilitated a strategic marketing move, exponentially raising brand awareness and contributing to the brewery's growth.

The results: A brewing success story

The impact of the swift and strategic marketing finance was remarkable. The brewery not only secured the coveted stadium sponsorship but also witnessed an exponential rise in brand awareness. The brewery experienced a substantial boost in revenue, amounting to an impressive £300k. Moreover, the exclusive rate obtained through Millbrook showcased the value of choosing the right financing partner.

The impact: Brewing a legacy

Pedro and Gordon’s brewing success story exemplifies the transformative power of strategic business finance for financing marketing endeavours. With the sponsorship secured and brand visibility skyrocketing, the brewery has cemented its position as a key player in the craft beer industry. The impact of this financial move extends beyond immediate gains, laying the foundation for sustained growth and national recognition.

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Summary: Crafting success with Millbrook Business Finance

In partnership with Millbrook Business Finance, the microbrewery turned a financial challenge into a triumph, securing a sponsorship opportunity that significantly elevated its brand presence and financial standing. This case study underscores the collaborative success between a visionary brewery and a strategic financing partner, emphasising the role of timely and tailored business loans in crafting a legacy of success.

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