Fuelling a Wholesaler's Growth with Tailored Business Financing

Fuelling a Wholesaler's Growth with Tailored Business Financing

Looking to secure funding for a new year of growth, an expanding food wholesale business approached Millbrook Business Finance for help. With a thorough understanding of our new client’s needs, our experts were able to provide flexible business financing, with favourable terms, exceptionally quickly.

Client background

Meet Jose, the Managing Director of a thriving world food wholesaler business specialising in African foods. Despite being a relatively new establishment, founded in 2017, Jose envisioned rapid growth for his business following a successful last year.

The challenge

To keep up with the desired pace of growth, Jose needed a minimum of £200k to invest in expanding his business facilities and stocking up on valuable inventory

After a consultation with Guy McDonald, a Business Finance Specialist at Millbrook, he understood Jose’s requirements and got to work finding a lender which offered flexible business financing criteria and favourable terms – which were essential to the client.

The solution: Fast and flexible financing to fuel business growth

Guy explored Jose’s options and explained the differences between secured and unsecured business loans. Through understanding his client’s preference, Guy worked towards arranging an unsecured business loan of £200k with a repayment term of 2 years. 

Not only did Guy secure the required amount, but he also ensured Jose received the best available interest rate for his business, along with no early repayment fees, providing Jose with extra flexibility. 

The entire process, from approval to payout, was streamlined and completed within just one week, giving Jose ample time to prepare for the new year.

Benefits of business loans

Here are some of the ways Jose benefited from an unsecured business loan from Millbrook:
  • Tailored Options: Flexible business finance solutions that meet specific business needs.
  • Unsecured Loan: Securing a substantial amount without collateral, accommodating client preferences.
  • Competitive Rates: Ensuring the client receives the best possible interest rates, saving him money.
  • Speedy Turnaround: From approval to payout in just one week.

The results

Jose started the new year with a fresh injection of funds, enabling him to expand his business and set the stage for a strong and successful year ahead. The swift turnaround in arranging flexible business financing for Jose showcases Millbrook's commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions that meet our client’s unique requirements.

The impact

The impact of securing £200k in funds was felt immediately, allowing Jose's business to thrive in the competitive market. The successful collaboration between Jose and Millbrook established a foundation for a lasting partnership, meaning that Jose now has a trusted financial broker in his corner to assist with securing funding for future growth projects.

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In just one week, Millbrook Business Finance transformed Jose's business aspirations into a reality. By tailoring a financing solution that aligned with the client's goals, we not only met the funding needs but exceeded expectations in terms of speed, flexibility, and competitive rates. This case exemplifies the power of strategic financing in propelling businesses towards rapid and sustainable growth.

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