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Asset Finance and Business Loans for the hospitality and leisure sector so you can achieve your business goals

Unsecured and Secured Loans for the hospitality and leisure sector so you can achieve your business goals.

Millbrook Business Finance

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Business Loans For Hospitality & Leisure Finance

Operating a business in the hospitality and leisure sector makes it difficult to have the time to source the right finance for your business. However, securing the right business loan or finance can take your company to another level. Investing in your restaurant, bar, or other leisure organisation improves the customer experience and helps you grow and succeed.

At Millbrook Business Finance, our expert team can secure valuable hospitality equipment funding and leisure asset finance. Unlock your future potential and grow your business without investing working capital into making an outright purchase. Whether it’s catering equipment finance, commercial kitchen equipment, or furnishings for the leisure industry, our team delivers the best finance solutions for your business.

What Are Business Loans & Asset Finance?

Hospitality and leisure business loans are finance products delivered by a lender to a business. The funds are paid directly to your company, the borrower. You then have the freedom to invest the finance into any area of your business, such as to assist cash flow, pay VAT or tax bills, purchasing stock, or marketing, for example.

Asset finance can be used to purchase equipment that helps elevate your company. Bar equipment, music, and sound systems are all great investments for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry. Hire purchase arrangements allow your company to buy the equipment after the agreements have been settled.

Hospitality and leisure equipment leasing finance options don’t have a purchasing agreement after the period ends. At Millbrook Business Finance, we offer asset finance solutions that allow you to purchase equipment after a finance lease ends. There is a fee which your dedicated account manager agrees with you at the beginning of your contract.

How Does It Work?

Business loans and asset finance agreements for the hospitality and leisure sector are often cheaper and more flexible than bank loans or overdrafts. If you’re eligible for finance, Millbrook will secure the best agreement for your requirements. Once the funds have been released, you can invest in your company to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Spreading the costs over fixed monthly payments includes interest, but saves on upfront costs.

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There are many business finance options available. Business loans, both secured and unsecured, can help you transform your hospitality and leisure company.

  • Use money whenever your business wants and needs to. You can spread the cash over different leisure and hospitality equipment, invest in new staff members, or market your business to a brand-new audience. The right business loan helps you to grow, thrive, and succeed.
  • If a business loan is unsecured, you don’t need to provide any security and they’re available at a fixed interest rate. Lenders may also allow you to secure the loan to reduce the interest payments.
  • Business loans allow you to invest in your business to take it to another level.


  • Interest rates are typically low for business loans. They can rise, however, if you have a poor credit score. By working with Millbrook Business Finance we will secure the best deal for your business, regardless of your credit score.
  • Business loans may not be the right finance solution or option for your business. Asset finance for hospitality and leisure businesses may be a better choice depending on your circumstances.
  • The longer the agreement is the higher the interest payments will add up to over time.

What Are The Fees And Interest Rates?

For unsecured hospitality and leisure sector business loans, the interest rates typically begin at 3.2%. Choosing a secured loan means the rate of interest may be lower as the lender has security in the form of a property or other asset. Whether there are lender fees to pay changes depending on the type of business loan you take out.

As part of our commitment to transparency and honesty, all lender fees are documented in your agreement. Your dedicated account manager will also explain the costs to you so you feel comfortable taking out the business loan. As a finance company, we have pledged not to charge any arrangement fees on your loan, any admin costs are made by the lender.

Hospitality Equipment Funding & Leisure Asset Finance For Bad Credit

At Millbrook, we operate with an industry-leading approval rate for business loans. Business loans, hospitality equipment leasing, and asset finance for the leisure sector can transform your company. No industry has suffered more financially from the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic.

No industry has suffered more financially from the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. A commercial loan could help restart your business, encourage growth, and ensure your future long-term success. Regardless of bad credit, we believe your business deserves the opportunity to secure a loan that takes your company to the next level.

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Why Choose Millbrook Business Loans & Leisure Asset Finance?

Unique Rates Of Interest
Securing a low rate of interest can save your business thousands of pounds. Due to our close relationship with industry-leading lenders, we can secure unrivalled interest rates for SMEs to deliver the best finance option for your business.

Dedicated Account Management
Your dedicated account manager takes the stress away from securing affordable funding for your business in the hospitality and leisure sector.

Avoid Hidden Fees
Don’t get caught out by hidden fees. As a finance company, we’re committed to honesty and transparency so you can be sure that you aren’t charged arrangement fees under any circumstances.

Unmatched Approval Rates
Our approval rate for securing finance for our clients is an industry-leading 96%. We have access to over 80 UK partnered lenders so can deliver unmatched loans and finance options for your business.