£1M Combined Asset Finance and Business Loan

£1M Combined Asset Finance and Business Loan


When a luxury British restaurant with an exciting business plan needed start-up business funding to make their vision a reality, they approached Millbrook Business Finance. As an expert business finance specialist, Millbrook was able to help them navigate the business finance landscape, make sense of lending criteria, and provide the funds needed to get the business off the ground.

Client background

The fledgling restaurant, based in Cheltenham, aimed to provide a high-quality dining experience in a prestigious location, but as a new start-up business within the leisure and hospitality sector, it needed assistance raising the required capital. 

The challenge

The restaurant faced the daunting task of raising £1M in start-up business funding for a comprehensive fit-out, which included intangible assets, such as catering equipment, furniture, signage, lighting, and flooring.  Moreover, the restaurant needed a flexible payment plan to manage its capital without overburdening its cash flow.

The solution: Start-up business funding with asset finance and business loans combined 

By partnering with Millbrook Business Finance, a specialist in start-up business funding solutions, the restaurant secured funding through a combination of asset finance and unsecured commercial loans. The repayment terms extended to a five-year period, enabling the business to arrange staged payments and thus better manage its cash flow.

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The results

Drawing on our industry-specific expertise and extensive pool of UK lenders, Millbrook was able to successfully arrange £1M through a combined funding solution that included asset finance and unsecured commercial loan funding. This tailored start-up business funding solution enabled the restaurant to implement its extensive business plan with ease and finally turn its dreams into reality. 

The impact

When seeking funding for a new venture, businesses can often find it challenging to navigate the lending criteria – this is where using an expert business finance specialist can save you time and money. Experts like these know the intricacies of the products, have extensive experience in completing applications and know how best to secure a competitive rate.

With Millbrook’s specialised knowledge and experience, and the combined start-up business funding we secured as a result, this Cheltenham luxury restaurant has since had its grand opening and is now a favourite dining spot on the Cheltenham night scene. 

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At Millbrook, we are passionate about helping start-up businesses to achieve their dreams and unlock success. Our experts leverage their insights and know-how to secure the most suitable finance product for your individual needs, at the most affordable rates and agreeable terms.

This success story is one of many we are proud to be part of, and we are excited to help future start-ups realise their dreams with the start-up business funding they need to reach their goals. 

Explore our full range of business finance solutions, or learn more about our asset finance and commercial business loans. Alternatively, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you unlock your business success. 

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