Helping a Wine Tech Business to Toast More Sales with Partner and Vendor Finance

Helping a Wine Tech Business to Toast More Sales with Partner and Vendor Finance

After numerous finance inquiries from customers, a leading wine dispensary business realised that its lack of finance options created quite a gap in its service offerings, leading to missed sales opportunities. As a result, the business owner, Raymond, sought vendor finance solutions that would enable payment support for his clients, giving them greater access to his products. This is when he turned to Millbrook Business Finance for help. 

Client background: Advanced wine dispensing technology

Raymond is the Business Director of a world-leading wine dispenser in the leisure and hospitality industry, a company specialising in advanced wine preservation and dispensing technology.

Established in 2011, the business offers advanced technology for controlled measures and preservation techniques that prevent wine from spoiling. Their equipment also has chip and pin-style technology for self-service, offering a novelty for its users while saving businesses money on staff and prolonging the shelf-life of the wine.

The challenge: Losing sales due to lack of vendor solutions for customers

Despite receiving numerous finance inquiries from customers, the company didn't have a partner financing solution in place. This gap in service offering posed a challenge, especially when dealing with a diverse range of clients, from large hospitality companies to small, first-time wine businesses. Raymond sought a vendor finance solution that would allow ease of payment, tailored for all his business clients to access his products.

In addition, his supplier in Italy only offered payment before delivery, meaning when it came to placing orders Raymond’s cash flow was impacted. He therefore needed a finance provider who offered upfront payments to his supplier, which wasn’t always available.

The solution: One point of contact and expert finance solutions

Recognising the need for a comprehensive and streamlined approach to financing, Raymond opted for a solution that went beyond transactional dealings. Millbrook Business Finance offered more than just financial support; we brought forth a trusted partnership, a dedicated point of contact, and a wealth of expertise in crafting tailored partner and vendor finance solutions.

Benefits of partner and vendor finance:

  • Flexible payment options: Tailored finance solutions to meet specific business needs.
  • Cash flow support: Assistance with payment in advance, addressing immediate financial concerns.
  • Streamlined process: A simplified financing process with a single point of contact for convenience.
  • Extended customer service: Enhanced customer experience with comprehensive financial support.

Why partner with Millbrook Business Finance?

Expertise in business finance:
Millbrook's in-depth understanding of business finance, and collaborative approach to client relationships, ensures we provide solutions best suited to unique business needs.

Tailored solutions:
We provide customised financial packages to align with unique business requirements, making financing more accessible for businesses.

Quick and efficient processing:
Swift approval and disbursement processes mean we can offer timely support, even for the most time-sensitive financing needs.

Trusted relationship:
We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted finance partner, ensuring peace of mind.

The results:

£50,000 of extra sales accommodated.

The collaboration with Millbrook yielded tangible outcomes for Raymond’s business. This strategic partnership translated into increased sales, responding effectively to customer finance inquiries, and driving growth in equipment sales.

The partnership with Millbrook led to:

  • Increased sales: Accommodating customer finance inquiries resulted in a boost in equipment sales.
  • Extended customer service: Providing finance solutions expanded the range of services Raymond could offer to clients.
  • Trusted finance supplier: Millbrook became a reliable finance source, fostering increased customer satisfaction.
  • £50k in lending: Successful financing transactions totalling £50,000.

The impact: A trusted partnership to boost business growth

Maintaining a solid business relationship, the partnership with Millbrook has been strong for five years, solidifying our position as a trusted financial ally for Raymond, his business and his customers. Beyond mere transactions, the extension of finance solutions enriched the spectrum of services Raymond’s business can offer, enhancing his overall customer service.

“Millbrook helped us provide a professional service to our clients. Every client is treated with courtesy and respect, and we've received exemplary feedback. Contact is immediate when requested and all documents to close transactions are exacted in a timely manner. Could not rate more highly.” Raymond, Business Director 

Millbrook's commitment to reliability established Raymond as a trusted finance supplier, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction for his business clientele. Notably, the partnership with Millbrook facilitated successful financing transactions, with a total lending amount reaching £50,000, underscoring the tangible financial impact of this enduring collaboration.


Establishing a partnership with Millbrook Business Finance has not only facilitated increased sales and extended customer service for Raymond but also positioned his business as a trusted finance partner. With a seamless financing process and tailored solutions, Raymond's business continues to thrive in the competitive hospitality industry. The five-year collaboration underscores the lasting impact of a reliable finance partner on long-term business success. 

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